Run AngularJS, Bootstrap and Angular UI bootstrap documentation locally

It is always better to run the documentation of library locally as you won’t be dependent on Internet for any documentation help. Also, navigation is fast due to local hosting.

Recently, I got chance to work with AngularJS in one of my project.

I chose my favorite CSS framework Twitter Bootstrap and also came to know about Angular UI Boostrap which is a set of bootstrap components in AngularJS.

I googled a lot on

How to run documentation of above libraries locally?

I found few but mostly outdated.

Hence, the inspiration of this blog to summarize all in one page.

Run AngularJS documentation locally

  1. Go to and select your version and download the zip version. Eg: For version 1.3.14, go to and download

  2. Extract the zip file. Above will be extracted into angular-1.3.14.

  3. Through terminal, go to above folder cd angular-1.3.14
  4. Start the server as python -m SimpleHTTPServer
  5. Hit url http://localhost:8000/docs

For Bootstrap and Angular UI Boostrap, you need Jekyll.Install Jekyll as gem install jekyll(Need Ruby, RubyGems installed)

Run Bootstrap documentation locally:

  1. Clone the gh-pages branch repo : git clone --branch gh-pages git://
  2. Go to bootstrap directory : cd bootstrap
  3. Serve using jekyll: jekyll serve -P 8001
  4. Hit url http://localhost:8001/

Run AngularUI Bootstrap documentation locally:

  1. Clone the gh-pages branch repo: git clone --branch gh-pages git:// angular-ui-bootstrap
  2. Go to angular-ui-bootstrap directory : cd angular-ui-bootstrap
  3. Serve using jekyll : jekyll serve -P 8002
  4. Hit url http://localhost:8002/

And Enjoy!!!!

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