Bak-Bak at AKI's Poona College

Do you want to bring all your college memories?

It’s simple.

Go pay a visit to your college and you will achieve above thing.

Poona College

Recently, I paid a visit to my college, Poona College of Arts, Science and Commerce, after having much to & fro discussion with Quddus Sir, an energetic and passionate professor, and delievered my first ever

Bak-Bak + Q&A.

Note: Bak-Bak is an Hindi colloquial word which means to give lecture mostly derived by students of this generation or to talk as formal meaning.

What I had planned

Obviously, when you are invited, kind of, for some presentation in college, you do some planning.

I had these plans too

  • make presentation
  • practice “public speaking” in front of the mirror
  • get nice presentation dress like “Tuxedo” or “Blazer”


I made mistake(s)


above plans had to go through the same fate like previous plans in my life, i.e written into some dark corner of my brain-disk.


We all were in a room where we used to do practicals, write/copy/paste programs and send it to a machine called printer whose job was to simply print lines in smooth or zigzag fashion. This machine became so important in itself that even though our practical programs were complete in our labs machine, we won’t get marks without getting our paper filled with full of it’s black marks showing some mercy to header and footer.

I was able to almost completely recall my old memories of this particular room specially by the fact that the layout, the white board, the projector sheet, rack for bagpack, similarly looking machines with same old OS i.e Fedora with changed version, and few others were almost same as it was way back in my college days.

I quickly got ready with my setup by plugging my lappi’s charger and connecting VGA port of the projecter. I had to struggle a bit with Internet as my own dongle or mobile hotspot was not working. Thanks to the girl who shared her hotspot which had different service provider.

As usual, I was introduced by our Head of Department(HOD), Mehtab Alam sir, in his own classic style and somehow made me as fan of this style, like it had made others in surrounding. He was accompained by my first programming language (C) teacher, Shaheda Madam, ready with paper-of-intro.

Meanwhile, students were listning to this introduction with full attention, as I could see their eyes were open. After all, it’s their HOD who is speaking infront of them. Hence, they had to listen or at least keep their eyes open.

I was not surprised as I used to do the same way back in my college days but in my own style.


Post my intro, I quickly started and said, “Hi, Guys”. Meanwhile, I was saying to myself, “Students are going to screwed today as they had to listen my Bak-Bak”.

I was able to see lot of faces through 180 degree glance;

happy, confident, over-confident, timid, confused, suprised, talkative, kiddy-arrogance, shy, calm, enthusiast, mischievous, hard-working, intelligent, smart, beautiful, ….

I began with the topics I was going to discuss and also shared my views on it.

Meanwhile, told them to write the points they should keep in mind or things to take from this Bak-Bak.

Topics I discussed


I started with asking question on Open Source and as I was expecting, student gave me the partial answer which they might have heard, read or listened somewhere. I could understand it’s hard to know things happening outside of college academic bounderies.

One can find the good info about FOSS on Wikipedia page.

In my opinion(IMO), it’s meaning is different to different people and there is no exact correct definition.

I would recommend someone to read, analyze, experience it and then devise your own definition.


Definition of community was in similar state as of FOSS in context of students.

I simply told to remember at least these words in FOSS context,

Community is a group of people who comes together, share their own experience on some common interests or technology in particularly.”

Rest, I would like them to experience it and gave pointers to start.

I simply told them, next trend is Open Source.

Red Hat has done(proved) it and others are following it.


Finally, it was time to summarize the whole Bak-Bak.

And, we came into following bullet-phrases on which they need to work on

1. Keep Good Attitude
2. Have Right Approach
3. Be Open
4. Have Good Communication Skills
5. Keep yourself Upto Date
6. Motivate Yourself
7. Make Mistakes but try avoid to repeat


During the Bak-Bak, I found students were laughing. Not sure why?

Finally, said Goodbye with disclaimer message as

I am not a standup comedian or motivational speaker.

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