Change in role for social work

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.

Helen Keller

How true are the above words of popular American Author Helen Keller!

In the similar lines, in my opinion

Alone one can improve one, together one can improve all.

Being involved myself in the tech community like meetups, conferences etc from last seven plus years helped me to understand that if people come together they can improve together in a greater and efficient way than improving alone.

This holds completely true with Group Study or Collaborative Learning.

Humans are Social Animals, hence they should involve in Social Work.

While thinking about above opinion, I always feel When or What is the correct time?

I have no answer but I feel that my time has arrived to get involve into some social work even if it is in small quantity.

Nepal’s IT Perception Changed

In my previous blog, Showers of new challenging Career roles , I described quite briefly how I became the Accidental Director of the company. I would really cherish my Four and half months of this directorship my whole life. I have learnt many things involving from Employee Hiring or Firing, Budget Planning & Estimation, Client Interaction, Preparing Technical Specifications, Separating Project into small modules encouraging modularity, Coding, Digital Marketing and Promotions, Training Employees to improve Efficiency etc.

Out of all experiences, I enjoyed most in Training and Coding.

During this period, I was also working on my First Venture; GbrG Academy. The website is fairly in a good shape now but still need a lot of improvements and speed is slow currently as expected from a lone Employee.

One of the purpose of my Nepal’s visit, seventh time since my father brought me to India ~28 years ago, is to explore the IT Industry and the degree of FOSS penetration.

Having the Hawk Eye view from India, it seems there isn’t much IT companies or FOSS events that happens in Nepal or happens in very less quantity.

I was wrong with my Hawk Eye. Thank God! I came to see with my Naked Eye.

To give a brief, there are many groups like Developers Nepal, Code for Nepal, SIRIS Youth Foundation etc who are actively working in both Social Work and improving Digital Literacy in Nepal. Looking at these Awesome People boosted my spark to work for Social Work.

Slowly, I got to know, there are many startups who are doing great in their own enterprise world.

Another purpose was to explore the IT Community here and it is more than enough than my expectation.

Had to leave Current Role

By this time, I have been already intrigued by the idea that it is the right time to jump into IT Industry here in order to Settle down slowly and help in shaping it appropriately.

But, definitely, to enter into one door, I have to leave another door.

What’s Next

I have gone through few of the good startups and met with cool young entrepreneur here. I am really impressed with their potential and wish they reach the height they wished for.

Out of many goods, I wish to really work with SIRIS Youth Foundation and Three Monks with former more preferred so I can engage both in Social and Entrepreneurial Work.

Although, I am always available for help unofficially to my IT friends else Helen’s thought will start biting me.

Open Organization

Being the FOSS and Open Source hardcore lover, I would like to encourage IT companies to incorporate few or all of Open Organization principles to sustain for longer period. It’s slow but very much effective if followed properly.

Red Hat has proved it.

15. Red Hat became the first pure-play, one-billion dollar open source company in 2012, reaching $1.13 billion in annual revenue during its fiscal year.

Read more in the blog 25 things you should know about Red Hat.

At the end, I always keep patience; for the things God is preparing to shower upon me and I murmur following words:

Let’s Wait & See.

Freelancer BRG

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