Are you practicing HADDA?

Whenever I am in the wilderness of my own personal space, I usually give a thought on how I as a human being survived so far in this brutal world. A world with lot of unknown people, known friends unkowningly betraying you in need, health or financial issues, a blurry religious or traditional conceptions which had to be followed forcefully against your inner nature etc.

Considerably, in the race of materialistic success, we have forgot our self and looking for peace and happiness outside of it. I recommend you to give a thought to your inner self.

DISCLAIMER: HADDA should be avoided to be considered as principle. It is rather as a practice which one should perform to get success, stability and peace in your activities in my humble opinion. And, I am avoiding to be called as philosopher.

What is HADDA?

It is simply a collection of words as below with extreme hidden energy to achieve results:

H - Extreme Hard Work
A - Right Attitude
D - Extraordinary Determination
D - Balanced Discipline
A - Positive Approach

You might be familiar with few or all of the words here. However, you may not be aware that combining all appropriately will help in reaching to state of happiness which one might call Success.

HADDA Practice

Image: An Analogy through Hand.

A Note of Caution

An opinion noteworthy here is that HADDA should be avoided to be considered as silver bullet solution for all aspect. It is my opinion that in majorly cases this should work. I have practically experienced it and recommend you to experience rather than blindly believing in these opinions.

What is coming?

I am going to bring you with few examples ahead where one could experience getting results following this practice.

Stay Tuned!

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