Gophercon India 2017 Slides

A small effort to aggregate all possible slides of Gophercon India 2017 at one place in chronological order.

Day 1

  1. Opening Keynote by Francesc Campoy Flores ( Available soon )

  2. Tiffany Jernigan - “How to Raise a Gopher in Record Time”

  3. William Kennedy - “Package Oriented Design”

  4. Takuya Ueda - “Mobile Apps by Pure Go with Reverse Binding””

  5. Vidyasagar Nallapati - “Fast and Scalable Machine Learning with GoLang”

  6. Romin Irani - “The Journey to Conversational Interfaces”

  7. Karthic Rao - “Debugging Go routine leaks”

  8. Kai Waehner - “Open Source Project Flogo for Lightweight Microservices and as Integration Gateway for the Internet of Things”

  9. Manish Rai Jain - “Dgraph - A native and distributed graph database written in Go”

  10. Lightning Talks

Day 2

  1. Aditya Mukerjee - “Cloning Git in Go”

  2. Ian Lewis - “Getting Plugged in with Go Plugins”

  3. Aditya Sanghi - “Migrating from a 2000 session per second Monolithic Architecture to Micro Services using Golang” ( Available soon )

  4. Daniel Whitenack - “Go Stdlib and Data Science” ( Available soon )

  5. Matthew Campbell - “Building Distributed Timeseries database”

  6. Filippo Valsorda - “Fighting latency - the CPU profiler is not your ally”

  7. Shamsuddin Madhani - “Go for High Throughput Computing” ( Available soon )

  8. Shiju Varghese - “Building High Performance APIs In Go Using gRPC And Protocol Buffers”

  9. Kamesh Balasubramanian - “Isomorphic Go Code”


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